why is google scholar useful

As an illustration of this point, a Google search under the words "open access" revealed 598,000,000 entries, nine of the first ten of which would have been useful to anybody investigating open access to research outputs, but beyond the first ten results the reader would be looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Interestingly, it will also clearly benefit open access publishers. The semantic grid "vision," combining the semantic web with the Grid, is described at http://www.semanticgrid.org/vision.html. You can search by the author, title, date and you can also go for advanced search which will let you search by the author, title, and publication fields, as well as limit your search results by date. Although the feeling that each academic discipline is self-contained still exists in the minds of some faculty members, increasingly the links between very different disciplines— such as the link between medicine and ethics or sociology — are better recognized and bridged with search engines than with stand-alone journals. Collecting citation information from your Google Scholar profile. You will have to evaluate what you've found to make certain that the quality of each source that you use is adequate for academic work. Over the last few years, the usefulness of Google Scholar has really improved. A Google Scholar search did (at the time of writing) reduce the number of results from 598 million in Google to 1,250,000 in Google Scholar, and using the "Advanced Search" to limit the results to articles between 2000 and 2005 reduced the number to 28,000. Sunit Nandi I'm the leader of Techno FAQ.

Advantages of using Google Scholar: Google Scholar is familiar and relatively simple to use, much like Google. One good use of Google Scholar is that it incorporats a ranking algorithm that can be helpful when you are learning a new field: for example, if you search for "economic sociology" in Google Scholar, the list returns pages of important and central texts to the subfield, so you can quickly get a … They do this through link resolver software. The development of both open access and a search service like Google Scholar have the potential to shake the foundations of the information world. Google Scholar allows researchers to utilize a single, free‐online resource to conduct searches within multiple databases, thus increasing researchers’ ability to locate articles on a specific topic. societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

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